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NAME: Richard Graciano

BIRTH: 02/01/1968

HEIGHT: 6'2"



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CEO Biography
Richard Graciano is chief executive officer of Jawbreaker Rally Corporation and the primary member of the company's board of directors. He incorporated "The Jawbreaker Corporation" in late 2017, bringing more than 30 years of multinational corporation industry leadership, marketing and sales expertise, and executive management experience to his role with the company.
Rick Graciano manages corporate direction and strategy at "The Jawbreaker Rally Corporation", facilitating company activity in event consulting, sales, promotion, marketing, alliances and channels, and support. He is also responsible for "The Jawbreakers" national business events in the rally industry, serving specific markets and industries such as financial services, web design, logistics, communications, and foresight designed to help solve the most complex business problems. Since incorporating "The Jawbreaker", Rick has worked to share "The Jawbreaker Rally's" strategy and vision, with customers, partners, other event promotors, staff and venders.

In the past 30 years, Rick was recognized by and partnered with multiple national organizations in the construction, healthcare, real estate, electronics, and investment industry. Rick is currently in the process of creating two new ground startups including the Jawbreaker Rally's sister corporation , "Jawbreaker Media"

Previously, Rick served as owner, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president of Royalty International Property Development, where his focus was on customer satisfaction, innovation, improved operational efficiency and execution led to significant company growth. The past thirty years, he has spent at a national construction corporation, where he held a variety of management, operations, sales, and marketing roles. He is focused on leading a successful effort to streamline sales operations, strengthen the customer relations and drive sales growth.

Follow Rick on the Jawbreaker Rally tour as a top driver with over 30 year of competitive driving experience. Rick is highly driven to excel and attends 3-5 driving schools a year to hone his already impressive skills. He performs well on multiple platforms from quarter mile drag racing to the rally tracks and everything in between. Dirt, water, mud, asphalt, or concrete - it doesn't matter to Rick which one he is on. He is a sanctioned member of the SCCA on the North East rally circuit and is currently focused on Auto-X advanced training.

Rick also owns "Team HELL", a rally racing team. You can typically see Rick in action at one of the over 50 races a season booked on his race schedule.Rick travels extensively to attend races across the nation.

Rick's varied and successful track record in business and behind the wheel provides him with a powerful experience base to provide the foundation for the top-tier JAWBREAKER Rally series of events. He is proud to bring this opportunity to the Rally community - the experienced drivers and the new.

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Nothing stops Rick. When he says something once, he means it and wont repeat himself, so when he walks in a race and says "Im here to win it , or I will blow my motor up trying". Rick means it and won multiple races, and is used to blowing up motors. Ricks a man of action and a leader of men , so you will never see him act unprofessionally on the track . Rick takes the good with the bad, and he knows the risks involved. He is a risk taker and humbled enough to understand that losing is just as important as winning.

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